Ritual Scene

Ritual Scene


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Mon, 05/16/2022 – 12:45

Ezuama are sacred spaces for exchange and communication. José de los Santos Sauna, governor of the Kogui-Malayo-Arahuaco Indigenous reservation and the Gonawindúa Tayrona Organization (GTO), sees here a dance organized in an ezuama for the purpose of healing different aspects of the community’s relationship with nature. 
The scene shows nine figures with masks. The father of the World of the Dead, Jisé Wake, is contacted to heal negative charges. Mama Subaldsi and Mezhajuí are the protectors of the interior of the earth and of food, animals, insects and fruits. Mama Wake, father of the sun, raises the positivity of all beings. Also present are Mama Sugldsi, father of authority; Nabukáka, father of the felines; Nansawi, father of fog, snow, and social behavior; Wajú Wake, father of birds; and Kagldulda Seshi, the Earth itself.”

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Source: lacma.org

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