Robotic backup singers make technology adorably human

Before we know it, even singing and dancing backup singers will be replaced by robots. Polish studio Pangenerator has taken sarcastic steps towards making this happen in a fun new project. The technology design company has invented a group of eight robots that act as backup singers to a human performer.

The robotic choir uses Pangenerator’s Echoooooooo system in which the performer’s voice is processed through eight channels and output to 8 speakers (the little robots). Each robot moves in response to the sound: up-down in response to volume and right-to-left for tone. The result is a bunch of surprisingly human looking/moving box robots.

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The team explains, “The unintended side effect was the lifelike, quite adorable movement of the speaker making it perceivable as a living organism in that Pixar lamp sense.”

They are pretty cute. Check out the video below!

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