Roc Grotesk Font Family by Kostic Type Foundry

Say hello to the Roc Grotesk font family, a sans serif typeface that draws inspiration from American wood types as known from the end of the 19th century.

Designed and published by the Kostic Type Foundry, the Roc Grotesk font family comes with 45 fonts including nine weights in five widths. Roc Grotesk’s extensive character set supports Western and Central European languages, as well as Turkish. The different widths (Compressed, Condensed, Normal, Wide, and ExtraWide) allow for the font to be used in various settings but primarily for display use. Please read more below or click on the following link if you want to purchase this modern sans-serif font family.

Roc Grotesk Font Family by Kostic Type Foundry
Roc Grotesk Font Family by Kostic Type Foundry

The further the weight progresses from Thin to Heavy, the more apparent the stroke contrast becomes. The strokes of Roc Grotesk are deliberately exaggerated in heavier weights; this is most noticeable in Roc’s uppercase E and R of Black and Heavy style. Roc also has a large x-height with relatively short descenders and ascenders. Additionally, no uppercase letter falls below the baseline so that all lines of all-caps text can be placed close together on posters or headlines if necessary. Generous spacing is seen in Regular style as it will likely be used for setting long passages of text.

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The Bold style of the Roc Grotesk typeface is spaced in a way that creates a text column width similar to Regular. Tabular figures have matching widths, so for example, you could make one row of numbers stand out in a data column without disrupting the vertical order of the table. The lowercase g and r come with alternatives to give designers what they typically expect from Grotesk typefaces. You can access the single-story g and cut-off r via OpenType features

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