Rocket Scientist Designs More Efficient Cast-Iron Cookware

Thomas Povey is a rocket scientist. Raghav Agarwal comes from a family that’s manufactured cookware for generations. The two met at Oxford University, where Agarwal attained an MBA and Povey is a professor, and the two figured out an unusual way to combine their respective backgrounds.

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The result is FIREUP Cookware, which combines Povey’s thermodynamics knowledge with Agarwal’s cookware manufacturing know-how. “We developed the technology at the thermal fluids laboratory at the University of Oxford, where we have some of the best facilities in the world to address heat transfer problems in industry,” writes Povey, who integrated a purposeful array of fins into the design of FIREUP’s cookware.

Using infrared thermography equipment in the lab, they validated Povey’s design:

“FIREUP pans are significantly more efficient than conventional patents and they enable you to cook faster, with less gas,” Povey says.

“I first came up with the idea of a more efficient pan on a mountaineering trip, because at high altitudes it takes absolutely forever to boil water, so improving the efficiency of heat transfer to the pan makes a big difference in that environment.”

The company’s inaugural product, the FIREUP Dutch Oven, runs £250 (USD $311) and has been on the market for about a year. Their follow-up is this skillet, priced at £145, or £175 with lid (USD $181 or $218) that’s currently up on Kickstarter:

?FIREUP manufactures their cookware in Holland using 100% recycled iron.

The FIREUP Skillet has been successfully Kickstarted, and is estimated to being shipping in October of 2023.

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