Rony: A Dual-Headed Flashlight Provides Better UX, for Bike or Hikes

Sometimes at night, or before dawn, my wife and I head outside to deal with an unexpected emergency on the farm. Ordinarily we wear headlamps, but sometimes in the scramble to get outside in a hurry, only one of us has grabbed a flashlight. In this case, the person with the flashlight travels behind, to illuminate the path ahead for both. It’s a bit awkward but it works.

A startup called Rony aims to do away with the awkwardness of having only one flashlight for multiple people. Their eponymous design thus has a second head at the rear, angled downward. This allows the person in front to both illuminate their own path, and the ground below for those following.

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The company also notes that if used as a bike light, the downward-facing rear light does a good job of making your bike more visible to motorists. The flashlight is also waterproof, for biking or hiking in the rain.

While the rear light is a fixed 300 lumens, the front light is adjustable from a power-sipping 20 lumens up to a maximum of 1,500 lumens. The battery is internal and charged via USB-C.

The company offers three finishes: Brushed aluminum (€55/$62), anodized aluminum (€59/$66) and carbon fiber (€76/$86).

The Rony has been successfully crowdfunded, with 29 days left to pledge at press time. The units are expected to ship in April of 2022.

Source: core77

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