Run, Buddy, Run (1966)

Back to the graveyard of 1960’s TV shows that lasted just one season….

Run, Buddy, Run is a prime example of these short-lived series, and although the title sounds very political in this pre-election year, the show itself had nothing to do with politics. From the IMDb:

Buddy Overstreet was an everyday, ordinary sort of guy… until the one day he overheard a member of "The Syndicate" (a crime organization) say the words "Chicken Little!" Now The Syndicate has decided Buddy knows too much and must be silenced for good. The show follows the comic misadventures of Buddy as he travels from town to town, trying to evade people who are trying to kill him. It is kind of like "The Fugitive", only played for laughs.

Bruce Gordon, who portrayed Frank Nitti on The Untouchables is again the crime boss here and he plays it straight although the rest of the show is obviously a comedy. There were only 17 episodes, and only one, embedded below, appears to be available on YouTube at the present. Bits and pieces are available and I have embedded a few of these as well. Note the title of the full episode, "Wild Wild Wake" is an obvious parody of the "Wild Wild West", another famous TV series of the 1960’s – and coming soon.

Run, Buddy, Run opening.

Episode – Wild Wild Wake.

A Run, Buddy, Run tribute.

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