RUN ‘ The Thinker Child’ new mural for the Croydon Rise Festival

Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN just completed a monumental mural in Croydon called the Thinker Child in Croydon, South of London as part of the Croydon Rising Festival.

“The Thinker Child” brings a whole series of considerations and reflections by the artist.

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“When I see the cities that are losing their identity or are embracing the identity dictated by corporations, technology and cold inhuman development – explains the artist – I feel the duty to offer people something that will make them go back to their origins”.

It is a central theme in the artistic practice of RUN, each of his artwork has a profound meaning, in total contrast with a decorative approach and absence of meanings that is sadly increasingly marking the development of muralism and street art.

All this translates into a very deep meaning, a real mission. RUN sees the street as an opportunity to reach a wide audience and to tell them the stories of the places he has traveled through. Directly or indirectly, politically or more subtly the Italian artist deals with different topics, wants to move the deepest strings by tracing interpersonal reflections, addressing the need to restore a direct relationship with the planet.

The Thinker Child depicted here is a bookmark about our history (or prehistory) to remind us that we are made of feelings and dust of stars, to remind us that we are human and we will always be.
Starting from these ideas “The Thinker Child” is a work that claims the stars, the moon and the planet, the sky and the earth: the huge figure touches his forehead gently gripping the moon and the other hand goes gently to touch the ground establishing a connection between the two planets. Everything in between is you.

The Croydon Rise Festival is curated by Monoprixx, Wherethereswall and Rise Gallery and features over 60 murals in the streets of Croydon, south of London. Please come back again soon for more coverage on the festival.

Pics courtesy of the Artist, Butterfly Art News and @Monoprixx


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