Runlock: A Rope That's Pre-Looped Along Its Length

From Sweden comes this interesting invention: Runlock, a polyester rope that is actually two ropes side-by-side, interwoven together periodically along their lengths to form a series of loops.

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Why? While it’s no substitute for learning to tie knots, the company reckons it’s faster and easier to be able to create a slipknot anywhere along the length of the rope. Here are some examples of applications:

“The perfect combination of strength, flexibility and durability. The unique design makes everything from strapping down gear to using as a clothesline to towing a fast and easy task without hasle! Runlock is fully adjustable, multifunctional, never tangles and knotless!”

Runlock is sold in different strengths, from clothesline up to tie-down, and upwards to lifting and towing.

While it’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t run out and buy, I’m guessing that if you had one of these in the truck, you’d find some interesting uses for it.

Source: core77

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