Russia's Bridge House by BIO-Architects

If there’s not enough space for you to build your house, then you just have to get creative. And that’s what BIO-architects did when they designed the Bridge House, a structure hanging over a creek. It’s being used as a second residence for clients of designers headed by Ivan Ovchinnikov.

Located in the client’s open lot in Russia’s Zaokskiy district, the atypic home hovers over a creek, supported by a load-bearing timber structure. The main living area is kept as an open plan space, with light filtering in during the day through the glazed facades.

Given Russia’s heavy winters and glorious summers, we imagine the views to be had from the Bridge House to be dramatically beautiful, whichever the season.

(Image credit: Ivan Ovchinnikov, BIO-architects/Instagram)

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Source: neatorama

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