Ryan Reynolds Shows How To Get Unwanted Guests ‘The F*** Out Of Your House’ With A Candle

“It’s Christmas. A time when friends and family come together to celebrate the season.” That’s the wholesome start to a sketch shown on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ with beloved actor Ryan Reynolds and, yup you guessed it, comedian Jimmy Fallon.

The video then takes a hilarious turn, as we should expect from Reynolds and Fallon for whom humor is a way of life. The point of the video is to make fun of guests who stay far too long by showing how you can get them to leave with a ‘get the f*** out of my house candle.’ Because more subtle ways just don’t seem to do the trick sometimes, do they?

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Ryan Reynolds starred in a sketch for ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

The video deals with how annoying it can be when guests stay in your house far too long

Subtle approaches don’t always work. Like commenting on how late it is

Or yawning widely

Or even making not-so-subtle jokes

That’s where the ‘get the f*** out of my house candle’ comes into play

Guests in the sketch thought that it smelled horrible…

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

…and they promptly left

The non-existent candle comes in a variety of smells, such as ‘Old Shrimp’

‘Sweaty Crocs’

‘Hot Broccoli in a Ziplock Bag’

‘Egg Fart’

And last but not least, ‘New Jersey’

If commenting on how late it is and doing over-the-top yawning doesn’t work, what will? Obviously, the ‘get the f*** out of my house candle’ that comes in ‘Old Shrimp,’ ‘Sweaty Crocs,’ ‘Hot Broccoli,’ ‘Egg Fart,’ and ‘New Jersey’ smells.

Check out the full video!

Jokes aside, getting guests (whether you love ‘em or loathe ‘em) to leave can leave some of us in a pickle. Especially if we want to do it politely and avoid ruining our reputations as warm and welcoming hosts. I usually opt for the classic ‘OK, it’s time to go,’ but you might want to go for something more subtle.

Apartment Therapy suggests that starting to clean up by gathering the dishes and throwing away the trash will help guests get the hint that it’s time to head home. You can also ask your friends and family about how they’ll be getting home. Bringing out the family photos and home movies may sound like a cliche, but it’ll probably get the guests leaving.

Meanwhile, The Week reveals that turning the music off and increasing the lighting can work wonders as well. If not, explain that you have to ‘get up early for work because you totally have an important meeting in the morning.’

Dear Pandas, what do you think of Reynolds’ and Fallon’s skit? Which candle smell do you think would be the worst? What are your go-to strategies for getting guests who stay too late in your home to leave? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments! And we sincerely hope that you won’t have to resort to using Reynolds’ candle!

People loved the comedy sketch

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