Sable Island: The Graveyard of The North Atlantic

About 300 km east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, lies a narrow, crescent-shaped sandbar, whose existence has been a bane on shipping for centuries. The sickle-shaped island is located in the middle of a major transatlantic shipping route and rich fishing grounds. Additionally, the island is surrounded by dangerous currents and is often shrouded in dense fog. In the past, due to the limitations of navigation technology, ships regularly ran aground on the sandbars and were destroyed by the strong waves in the area. The ocean floor surrounding the island is littered with the remains of ships that were sunk by the storms, earning the island its nickname as "the Graveyard of the North Atlantic."

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An engraving from Ballou's Pictorial, a Boston newspaper, shows the wreck of the Arcadia at Sable Island. Photo: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic


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