Sad But Real: A Smartphone Stand Designed to Blend in with Tableware

This object falls into the category of “I’m sad this exists, but I understand why it does.” With Swan, industrial designer Oneseo (a/k/a Wonseo Choi) addresses the fact that many people, particularly in his home country of South Korea, eat their meals while staring into a smartphone.

“What should a smartphone stand meant for the dining table look like?” he asks. “We feel a design that would harmonize well with tableware culture was appropriate. To this end, we tried to provide aesthetic unity by applying formative language and materials common to tableware.”

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“It was inspired by the shape of a spoon, a unique shape of tableware. We did sketches to express the shape of the spoon and did mock-ups to find the angle and height suitable for use on the table.”

In the end, I find the object pleasant to look at, and the application abhorrent. An “A” for execution, and an “F” for society.


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Source: core77

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