Sad Hill Cemetery

About 30 kilometers southeast of Burgos, a charming city in the Castilla y León region of northern Spain, rests a rather expansive cemetery. The cemetery lies absolutely in the middle of nowhere. The small town of Santo Domingo de Silos, located 5 kilometers away, is the nearest semblance of civilization. Yet, amid the sun-kissed, arid hills, more than five thousand graves grace Sad Hill Cemetery. One might wonder who these individuals are, laid to rest so far from their homelands. As it turns out, Sad Hill Cemetery is not a real cemetery, but an intricately crafted movie set created to serve as the backdrop for the climactic scene of one of the most enduring spaghetti Westerns from the 1960s—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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Photo credit: santiago lopez-pastor/Flickr


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