“Safety First!”: This Online Group Is Sharing Photos Of People Who Ignore Work Safety Rules As If They’re Immortal (95 New Pics)

It’s no secret that health and safety precautions are crucial at work. However, often employers and their employees tend to overlook it, showing complete disregard for personal safety. We’re talking about worn tires, unsecured loads on vehicles, clutter blocking fire exits, incorrect placement of ladders; the list goes on. There’s a place on the Internet that brings attention to such hazards with a touch of humor.

The subreddit r/OSHA is named after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and their community description reminds you: “Safety first!”. More than 762K members are sharing photos of people who are walking on thin ice and pushing their luck while doing everyday tasks at work.

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Bored Panda collected some of the best images from this online group that will make you laugh and roll your eyes. After you’re done enjoying this, make sure to have a look through our previous posts about the legendary subreddit right here, here, and here.

#1 Good Advice

Image credits: CoastalSailing

#2 This Hammer Was Repaired In My Work Today

Image credits: ndstrctbl

#3 I Had To Follow This Guy After He Did A Collection From The Warehouse

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#4 Who Ya Gonna Call?

Image credits: runslaughter

#5 How To Be Really Creative And Stupid At The Same Time

Image credits: diegocamp

#6 Temporary Panel Cover

Image credits: TruthThruAcoustics

#7 Managment Says Its Fine/Not An Issue…

Image credits: atomikcabbage

#8 My Local Uni Intentionally Drilled A Hook Into The Wall To Lock An Emergency Switch

Image credits: Thathitmann

#9 This Is Down The Road From Me

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Image credits: ToxicTrash7

#10 We Refused To Go Up With Out A Basket So The Boss Made His Son Do It

Image credits: rienholt

#11 Height Aside, How The Hell Are The Ladders Connected?

Image credits: KotAufmBrot

#12 Me And My Coworker Where Trying To Decide Which One Of Us Was Gonna Plug This Back In After It Became Unplugged

Image credits: zeek1999

#13 Don’t Worry! I Got You

Image credits: Takkitou

#14 Totally Passes The Inspection

Image credits: NuckChorris81

#15 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

Image credits: ahmed23t

#16 Getting A Tree Removed

Image credits: qubedView

#17 Mid-Shelf Acetone

Image credits: voxadam

#18 No Issues With This Pier

Image credits: kittykalista

#19 Gonna Have To Bring A Ruler To The Bathroom

Image credits: aondneaa

#20 Corporate Says Tires Are Too Expensive And All Of Our Delivery Vans Are Just Fine

Image credits: Yggdrasil5218

#21 Hang In There Buddy…

Image credits: marxist_redneck

#22 This Portapotty

Image credits: therippa

#23 Someone Fucked Up

Image credits: B7U12EYE

#24 Just Why?

Image credits: bunchaletters26

#25 Secured Load? Who Needs Them?

Image credits: Vytian

#26 My Buddy Sent This To Me. I’m At A Loss Of Words…

Image credits: HGcardinal55

#27 Is This Safe? Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Image credits: jarrett312

#28 How Many Men Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

Image credits: neotokyo2099

#29 Shed Held Up By A Forklift While Insulating The Floor. Nothin To See Here Folks

Image credits: Jeffreyr18

#30 How To Make Sure No One Gets Electrocuted

Image credits: Screwthisup

#31 Friendly Reminder That Height Restrictions Are Not A Suggestion

Image credits: IamConer

#32 Hm

Image credits: tiktak7871

#33 Can’t Decide Between 1 And 2

Image credits: ChobaniTheSecond

#34 I See Your Leaning Beam, And Offer This From A Job I Worked Many, Many Years Ago

Image credits: spacehog1985

#35 I Love Grinding In The Gas Room

Image credits: -Teimo

#36 My Store Has Gone Downhill Since The New Manager Took Over

Image credits: KittyLilith17

#37 They Actually Asked Me Why Their Temp Light Isn’t Working

Image credits: mental_fingers

#38 Things Like This Tend To Happen When You Shift Saws In The Middle Of A Cut

Image credits: memequeefer69

#39 Ah Yes The Alarm

Image credits: ChobaniTheSecond

#40 In Egypt, Workers Use Construction Lifters As Elevators

Image credits: tooslow

#41 Olly Olly Oxen Free!

Image credits: manberry_sauce

#42 There’s Something Almost Poetic About This

Image credits: linkielambchop

#43 Rules Enforced Via Angry Forklift

Image credits: zoalcoalt

#44 Philippines

Image credits: ludwigrx

#45 Kazakhstani Workers Handling Yellowcake Uranium

Image credits: westernmail

#46 If Anyone Is Needing Loose Asbestos

Image credits: Tootzilla313

#47 So Instead Of Renting A Pole Saw To Cut The Root That Was In The Way In Their Drilled Shaft They Decided To Duct Tape A Chainsaw To A 4×4. That Also Means Duct Taping The Throttle Wide Open Along With Duct Taping The Deadman Switch

Image credits: dacsmema

#48 Gotta Make Sure Everything Looks Right

Image credits: Ohnomypants1234

#49 Seems Safe Enough

Image credits: Chaps_Jr

#50 At Least It Will Be A Soft Landing

Image credits: Rashnet

#51 Who Decided That This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: skuzzlebut90

#52 Something I’ve Spotted 10 Years Ago

Image credits: tenebralupo

#53 Emergency Exit? Nah, How About 12 Inches Of Threaded Rod And 4 Eyebolts

Image credits: Catch52

#54 Regulators Fear The Homegrown Spa Repairman

Image credits: Nexuist

#55 That’ll Wreck Your Day For Sure

Image credits: Iwanttoplaytoo

#56 The Building Across The Street From My Job Is Being Worked On, And This Was The Set Up The Contractors Used To Remove Damaged Bricks, Which They Dropped Directly Onto The Sidewalk

Image credits: jacksonattack

#57 How To Keep A 480v Cabinet Closed

Image credits: NixaB345T

#58 Not Even Safety Glasses

Image credits: Browndog888

#59 I Was Told You’d Guys Would Appreciate This. A Tractor-Powered Sawbench

Image credits: TheBlindHarper

#60 Confiscated At A Large Commercial Construction Site

Image credits: InstantMystic007

#61 Some Welders Came Into My House, This Is Their Welding Machine And Electric Cord…

Image credits: NPredetor_97

#62 Call To Locate The Underground Power Lines? Nah You Don’t Need To Do That…

Image credits: dacsmema

#63 In Case Of Fire Wade Through Flamables

Image credits: phoneatworkguy

#64 Buddy Of Mine That Was Born Completely Deaf In One Ear Hit The Ppe Lottery Today

Image credits: PGids

#65 We All Know The Feeling

Image credits: Ohnomypants1234

#66 Boss Be Like: We’ll Look At That But Not Now. (Proceeds To Drive 200km)

Image credits: marn20

#67 They Said They Had To Move My D Ring This Is What I Came Back Too

Image credits: LemonGrabParty

#68 Yes That’s A Ratchet Strap, Yes Those Are Power Lines, Yes It’s Been Like This For 3 Months

Image credits: Rokahna

#69 We’re Doing Dangerous Table Saws?

Image credits: fshavlak

#70 Walls Done Boss

Image credits: Apprehensive_Tap4837

#71 A Forklift With Zero Safety Features. No Clue How Old This Thing Is, Couldn’t Find A Data Plate

Image credits: ForkliftUnfucker

#72 Typical Residential Painting

Image credits: Ben_Jahx

#73 On Flip-Flops…

Image credits: Jurandy_Moraes

#74 This Seems Perfectly Safe To Inhale

Image credits: Agar-Agar Binx

#75 My Harness Lanyard Is 10 Meters Long, Yours Is Not Attached, Let’s Get This Job Done!

Image credits: jzwinck

#76 That Is A Great Way To Die

Image credits: andimattone

#77 Saw This From My Balcony Friday Afternoon And Was Finally Able To Give Them A Ring When They Opened Monday Morning. Final Destination Crisis Averted

Image credits: TrapMessiah

#78 Caught Me Taking A Pic

Image credits: Ssedated23

#79 That Should Be Enough To Stop The Fire From Getting In

Image credits: stanrandom

#80 Hmmmm

Image credits: Seaweed-Constant

#81 Just A Safe Afternoon On The Roof

Image credits: phoggey

#82 Keep Circuit Breakers Clear For 3 Centimeters

Image credits: LegoCactus

#83 But Tell Me, How Am I Supposed To Mitigate Stupidity In My Job Hazard Assessment Form?

Image credits: AndMyChisel

#84 Extra Spicy Bucket

Image credits: fast_hand84

#85 People Walking All Around This

Image credits: crazypotatothelll

#86 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Image credits: 12CrapBag34

#87 At Least They Don’t Have To Worry About The Top Rung Of The Ladder

Image credits: KAPUTNIK1714

#88 Seriously? There’s A F**king Rated I Beam Right There

Image credits: saraphilipp

#89 Parent Fears For Doorsteps, Or Youngster Hates Tall People?! (In Hebrew: ‘Fire Door’)

Image credits: HebrewDude

#90 I Love My Job

Image credits: Vdaggle

#91 Neighbors Had A Wobbly Ladder, Not Anymore!

Image credits: u/guuuulia

#92 Today I Committed A Violation

Image credits: sm4h

#93 Why Stick A Fork In The Outlet When You Can Stick The Outlet In You?

Image credits: Thingreenveil313

#94 Accidents Never Happen Using Common Sense

Image credits: vRpb4v

#95 I Asked For A Cart. I Received The Shin Guillotine

Image credits: Tasty_Wolf

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