Sam Chivers Illustrations

Recent illustrations by Sam Chivers.

Sam Chivers is an illustrator who lives and works in Wilmington, UK. Inspired by the countryside in which he lives, and his joy in fictionalizing it through drawing, Sam’s illustrations bridge the gap between science and nature. So far he has collaborated with major clients including names such as Adobe, Playstation, New Scientist, The Economist, GQ, Washington post, Telegraph Magazine, NoBrow, Foreign policy magazine, Easyjet, Fast Company, Tesco, Dubai 2020, Hoheluft Magazin, New Republic, Wired Bulletin Magazine, Nautilus, The Planner, Economia, Samsung, among others.

Below you can find a selection of his recent illustrations. To see more, please visit Sam Chivers’ website or follow him on Behance.

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Sam Chivers, Beauty Inc - The Next Dimension.
Beauty Inc – The Next Dimension. “This image is about how the Beauty industry is already harnessing Virtual Reality technology to market it’s products. The idea was to create a world within a world, or rather a department store within in a world.”
Sam Chivers, Das Netz - Digitization & Society.
Das Netz – Digitization & Society. “This is a cover image for a German annual digest that discusses new ideas in technology. This years edition is generally about the effect of Social media on society. What I wanted to get at with this image was the idea that a new virtual world is being constructed on top of the old physical world Hence virtual holographic stairs perched on real classical pillars.”
Sam Chivers, EMI - Synthematic
EMI – Synthematic. “This is a cover for a compilation of synth based library tracks.”
Sam Chivers, Fabric Magazine - London’s Green spaces.
Fabric Magazine – London’s Green spaces. “This is a cover for Fabric Magazine, the Spring issue celebrating London’s green spaces. This is one of the smoothest jobs I’ve ever worked on in 16 years of illustrating. From initial rough stage to the completed thing it was completely plain sailing, usually on covers there’s a degree of back and forth.”
Sam Chivers, Shop Magazine - Atomium monument.
Shop Magazine – Atomium monument. “Shop magazine generally to know what they want, and this was no exception. For this the idea was to have The Atomium monument in Brussels in an art gallery with shoppers milling about.”
Sam Chivers, The Economist - Colonizing Mars.
The Economist – Colonizing Mars. “This is a series of three illustration about the technicalities and potential pitfalls facing any planned mission to mars. The deadline for these was 36 hours, which for me isn’t a very long time.”
Sam Chivers, Variety - Black Mirror season 3.
Variety – Black Mirror season 3. “I’m still recovering from the second episode of this. The darkest most unsettling thing I’ve seen for ages.”

All images © by Sam Chivers.

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