Samsung Unveils a Stretchable Display

Now that manufacturers are getting a handle on how to roll or fold screens, Samsung’s designers have figured out how to make one stretch. At least visually, that is. This experimental screen was demonstrated by Samsung Display CEO Dr. J.S. Choi to the audience of the keynote speech at this year’s Intel Innovation conference:

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Obviously the trick is accomplished by having the screen unroll, rather than actually stretch. For their part, Samsung calls it a “slidable” display; as tech writer Mike Shouts points out, this is because “the term ‘roll-able display has already been used by LG, Oppo and TCL.” (The latter two companies are smartphone and display manufacturers popular in China.)

This appears to be a proof-of-concept object only. It’s worth noting that the graphics on the screen—which stretches from 13″ to 17″, by the way—is static and not video, so the technology presumably has a ways to go. But it’s nice to think of a future where tablets will take up less space in one’s bag.

Source: core77

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