Sancal Lets the Color In

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Sancal Lets the Color In

Feeling a little weary of white, beige, “greige” and all other on-trend neutrals? Spanish design firm Sancal has your answer. Known for an innovative use of materials and a love of color, Sancal developed a fabric that checks both boxes. Their latest innovation, Rift, is an ultra-tough knitted textile that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Mullit, the new chair designed by Yonoh for Sancal, comes from the crazy idea of a ​​”cushion with legs”. The use of this fabric reinforces the fluffy effect, since Rift textile provides a smooth and exquisite touch.

La Isla by NOTE is perhaps the best example of how a discreet piece can lose its blush when its upholstered with a textile with a very strong identity, without losing the elegance of its seductive curves.

Rift’s ultra modern look is a little nod to the desert landscape. The pattern was inspired by cracks on a scorched earth. The bold colorway and funky pattern give the pieces a touch of the Memphis Design Movement. And while the pattern might be a tribute to a dry, cracked earth, the texture is anything but rough. The knitted fabric is ultra-tough, but it feels softs and smooth to the touch. As an added plus, we’re told the versatile fabric is even fireproof.

Nido family by Rafa García wears Rift for the presentation of the chair, as functional as the chair, but lighter. The chair’s contour is highlighted by a black piping, which perfectly combines with the depth of Rift pattern.

Rift also gives its name to a unique family of accessories available in COSAS. From a wide selection of cushions which provide a sparkling touch of color, to a cute pencil case or an original cover for tablets and other electronic devices.

This new collection was produced under the guidance of Esther and Elena Castaño-López, daughters of company Founder Santiago. The two sisters have fond memories of the family furniture factory: playing with cushions, skating between sewing machines and making costumes from leftover upholstery fabric. From an early age, they were meeting suppliers and visiting trade fairs with their father, uncles and aunts. Furniture design and manufacturing are as much a part of the family as a Sunday family dinner.

Finally, Sancal flirts with fashion with the design of Sin Pistols holster bag, which accentuates the versatility of this fabric: two of the boldest versions have been made with it.

Sin Pistols holster bag in white.

The fabric works with a huge variety of Sancal designs. From large-scale sofas to smaller chairs, pillows and even fashion accessories, you can have as much (or as little) color and pattern as your heart desires. Learn more about Rift from Sancal.

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