Developer Max Bittker gave us a web toy, a game with no aim, that could very well suck up all your spare time. Sandspiel is a simple world-building exercise, which can be a world-destroying exercise as well. In my very first attempt, shown above I built a (crooked) wall, and then two opposite worlds. On the left is lava on the sand, covered by ice and stones. There’s fire and fireworks going off. On the right side of the wall, I have plants, seeds, and fungus growing. And they continue to grow while the player does nothing but watch. Eventually, my plants and fungus grew over the wall into the lava and ice field. I then burned it all down, but enough life remained to start all over on its own! There are eighteen elements you can use, each with specific properties that will affect the environment, and will interact with each other in ways that might surprise you.

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Source: neatorama

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