Santa's Floating Pickup Truck Yard Display

Why buy Christmas yard decorations when you can use what you already have? Wild Bill Knowles has a spare Chevy S-10 that most likely doesn’t run anymore, but he knew it would come in handy for something someday. The same with that garage door opener, which still works but isn’t needed for the garage. He used the truck for a unique Halloween roasting spit display that you saw on Spooky Daily a couple of months ago, and he promised the truck would be back for Christmas. Bill is good to his word, and it looks like the neighbors didn’t mind too much, because the pickup is now floating above his yard, flying some unnamed green Christmas character around. It doesn’t matter that the truck doesn’t run, as it’s being pulled by a reindeer on a John Deere. I suspect there might be skeletons underneath those costumes. If you are near Berkshire County, Massachusetts, be sure to look it up! -Thanks, Bruce!

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Source: neatorama

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