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I always love checking in on Pakistan born, Vancouver based artist Sara Khan because, clearly, she never disappoints! Almost as good as her modern day mythical creatures, are the comments she writes along with them. Read this one she posted with the two-headed bull:

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Bullheaded. Everyday there’s a new question in my head about my work.. Is this painting, is this an illustration, is this too design oriented, are the colours too bright, are the colours too specific, am I making any sense, am I making too much sense, am I not being serious enough, is this ridiculous, will this survive me, is this a cartoon, is this repetitive, is this too preemptive, is it too contained, and the answer is always it doesn’t matter. It used to be harder to arrive at that answer, but somehow it keeps getting easier. I hope I’m not becoming bullheaded.
This reminded me to re-read Sol Lewitts letters to Eva Hesse:
“You must practice being stupid, dumb, unthinking, empty. Then you will be able to
She died at 34. How lucky to be alive and be able to do.

Amen. Let’s all DO. Ready? Go! ps. As an added bonus on this Monday morning, here’s Benedict Cumberbatch reading that letter from Sol to Eva.


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