Sassy Restaurant Calls Out Karen Online For Throwing A Fit While Waiting For Her Food, Causes Discussion Online

We all know what it feels like to be hangry. It can become hard to see in color,  and every mild irritation feels like the end of the world. When most of us feel that way, we conserve the energy we do have by keeping quiet and finding a way to eat as soon as possible. Whether that means making food ourselves or purchasing it somewhere, getting fed is the priority. If someone else is providing you food, they are a hero in that moment, and it only makes sense to treat them as such. They deserve kindness because they are saving you from the monster of hanger inside.

However, one woman who visited Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion earlier this year clearly needs a lesson on how to appropriately handle herself while waiting for food. The restaurant owners were not having her bad behavior, so below, you’ll find a post from the Fayetteville, New York, based sandwich shop where they called out this particularly unruly customer, as well as some of the replies the post received. We’d love to hear what you think about this situation in the comments, but if you’re becoming a hangry panda right now, be sure to grab a snack first. We wouldn’t want to have to publicly shame you for being too rowdy in the comments…

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This New York based sandwich shop took to social media to call out a customer for throwing a fit while waiting for her food

Image credits: Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion

Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion has quite the online presence, as they have 24k followers on Facebook, but it’s not surprising at all when you start reading the reviews. You can scroll through dozens of glowing reviews from satisfied customers featuring drool-worthy pictures of their food. But aside from how amazing everyone says the food is, there is another aspect almost every review mentions: how great the staff is. It is clear from almost every single review that customers are consistently impressed with the food and the service they receive at Gino’s, so I’m sure it’s a rare occurrence for a customer to freak out like this woman who broke their $200 sign. If she had just waited patiently like every other customer in the establishment, she likely would have loved her sandwich and had a great experience.

Many of the commenters stood behind Gino’s for holding customers accountable

Whether this particular woman was more upset because she was having a bad day or because she was extremely hungry, we’ll never know. But neither is a reason to take it out on the staff, spew profanities through the restaurant and damage property. And while most of us know how to behave even when we’re hungry or having a rough day, our society’s focus on instant gratification might be a factor in some customers’ lack of patience. According to an Oracle report on restaurant trends in 2022, 76% of customers are annoyed when they have to wait 10 minutes or more to receive their food after ordering at a counter. When we have access to almost anything whenever we want it, we have a hard time waiting for just 10 minutes for a great meal. 

We reached out to Gino’s to hear if they were ever able to track Rebecca down, but we have not heard back yet. I hope that she was held accountable for the expensive sign, but I’m sure after being publicly ridiculed online, she learned her lesson. Employees in the service industry are treated terribly from entitled customers every day, but this woman really takes the cake. So the next time you eat out, please make a point to treat the employees extra kindly and leave them a nice tip. For all you know, they could have had a crazy lady screaming profanities at them only an hour prior.     

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While others thought there would be a better way to handle this

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