Satanic Panic Erupts As Pics Of McDonald’s Diabolical Happy Meals With Baphomet Toys Go Viral

Satanic panic has taken over the world of fast food after pictures of devil-themed McDonald’s Happy Meals with Baphomets “offered” to little consumers started circulating last month. The diabolical marketing scheme has stirred massive hysteria on social media, but some swore it was all fake.

Taking to the McDonaldsEmployee Reddit community on Friday (19 April), a user recalled working a bizarre shift at the fast food chain when they had to deal with a female customer enquiring about a “toy.”

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The Redditor further explained: “She pulls up a video of a ‘manager’ talking about a satanic toy being sold and an obviously fake picture shows up of a burger with a black bun next to a demonic statue.”

Social media uproar erupted over devilish McDonald’s Happy Meals, prompting an employee’s bizarre encounter with a skeptical customer

Image credits: Mcdonald’s wrap of the day

As per the McDonald’s staffer, he told the woman that the pictures were fake and that his team had never heard of “any news regarding this.”

The employee continued: “She says she’s relieved because she [is] Christian and that these will bring bad vibes to people’s homes.

“I report this to the other managers and try to find the original vid on Spanish TikTok.

“Lo and behold, it’s just another fake TikTok trend spreading fear and lies.”

Image credits: Mcdonald’s wrap of the day

Along with his post, the worker shared some screenshots showcasing Spanish-speaking TikTok videos, all appearing under the trending “Mcdonald’s Juguete Satanico” topic, which means “McDonald’s satanic toy.”

Despite devilish McDonald’s meal deals sparking outrage on social media, particularly by people who feared some sort of satanic takeover, others found the whole hellish saga amusing, as a Redditor commented: “Kinda want a Baphomet burger now like that goes hard af.”

Baphomet, a goat-human figure, is a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions, the origin of which some occultists have attempted to link with the Gnostics and Templars, although it is occasionally purported to be a deity or a demon, Zrinka Stahuljak wrote in Pornographic Archaeology.

The McDonald’s worker shared screenshots of Spanish TikTok videos featuring satanic toys

Image credits: Mcdonald’s wrap of the day

“Damn, where can I get one?” a Reddit user asked, to which the original poster replied: “Tell an AI to generate one for you.”

Someone else penned: “Jokes on them My branch doesn’t have any update on our calendar of ever selling those anytime soon.”

Last month, someone had already taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a sinister photograph of what appeared to be an infernal Baphomet Happy Meal.

It is unclear how the demonic McDonald’s first emerged, but pictures of the infernal cuisine have quickly become a viral internet sensation, with thousands of people still making commentary videos and social media content expressing their worries.

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Bored Panda has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

People were left divided after reviewing some of the Satanic meals

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