Saviors Of The Galaxy – Tree Plus Raccoon Equals True Heroes

Saviors of the galaxy by rustenico 

Rocket and Groot are the two best friends the galaxy ever had, and they don’t just battle baddies and make the universe a safer place to live- they look good while they beat down the bad guys! The only complaint Rocket has is this- he’d like people to stop calling him “cute”. Handsome is fine, super tough and really cool is preferred, and he wouldn’t mind if female raccoons called him sexy, but this cute thing has got to stop! Rocket is a furry ball of fiery destruction, a genius when it comes to creating weaponry, and he’s never lost his head in a battle even when faced with impossible odds, does that all sound cute to you? The answer is NO people!

Show some love for the wildest guardians in the universe with this Saviors Of The Galaxy t-shirt by Rustenico, it’s so cool looking people will think you’re cool just for wearing it!

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