Scaling Error in the the Full-size Patterns

A reader found an error in the full-size patterns for “The Stick Chair Book.” Here’s the fix.

The plans for the Six-stick Comb-Back were scaled down slightly by the printer. None of the other five patterns are scaled down – they are correct. We’re not sure how this happened, but oh well. The patterns for the six-stick chair show the seat at 19” wide instead of 20”. The other parts on that page are also scaled down slightly.

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The fixes:

  1. Ignore the error. The slight scaling won’t change the chair much. I’ve made chairs with narrower seats with no problem.
  2. Download an unscaled pattern for free via this link. Get it printed out at your local reprographics firm. And next time you’re in town I’ll buy you a coffee or beer to make up for the added expense.
  3. Use the seat pattern for the lowback instead. It is the same size and shape. The legs are in the same place. The spindles on the seat are the same space apart (3” on centers). The only thing you’ll have to do is step off one more spindle on both sides of the spindle deck.

Apologies for the error!

— Christopher Schwarz


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