Scammy Law Firm Tries To Get Free Work From A Lawyer, Regrets It After They Make Them Pay Big Time

Job interviews are nerve-wracking and the only thing that’s even more annoying is receiving a request to hand in a writing sample. It consumes your time, energy and skills, and in no way guarantees the position. But we know very well that when applying for particular jobs, you just have to do it as it is the hands-on way employers can evaluate your writing skills, tone and style, and see if you’re a good fit.

This is what happened to a Redditor and lawyer who works in “a niche-ish area of law called discovery.” The Redditor MeowSchwitzInThere wrote in a post which amassed 31.3k upvotes: “One day I see a job board post from a local law firm looking for a research/writing position with required experience in discovery disputes.” The author added that it raised red flags from the beginning.

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During the job interview, a recruiter informed MeowSchwitzInThere that they “ask all candidates to provide a writing sample before the final interview” and handed them “a legal question that we want you to research.”

Sensing that they were being asked to do the job for free, the author maliciously complied. What followed was a lawsuit of fraud and a lesson the firm very likely regrets.

This lawyer was asked to hand in a free writing sample as part of a fraud job interview so they maliciously complied

Image credits: Tima Miroshnichenko (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Scott Graham (not the actual photo)

The author shared the conversation they had with a recruiter at the firm

People applauded the way this lawyer handled the hairy situation

Some even shared being put into similar situations

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