Scholars Ask: Does the Mafia Hire Good Accountants?

The 255th Rule of Acquisition says that “A wife is a luxury; a good accountant a necessity.” Managing your business enterprises requires prudent, detailed attention. This is even more true for “legitimate businessmen” who work in organizations unfairly maligned as mafia families.

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Crime bosses hire accountants. Are those accountants actually skilled at their work? Pietro A. Bianchi and his colleagues, all professors of accounting at various universities, conducted a study of accountants who, due to criminal records, are associated with criminal organizations in Italy.

Their peer-reviewed paper, published last November, affirms that, in general, financial statements compiled by these accountants of dubious employment are of superior quality to those of a control group of accountants who lack such criminal connections.

-via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Paramount

Source: neatorama

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