Scholten & Baijings Paints the Samsung FRAME TV Something Colorful

Scholten & Baijings Paints the Samsung FRAME TV Something Colorful

Samsung has worked diligently to distinguish itself from other hi-def television display manufacturers by working on numerous collaborative efforts motivated and directed by fashion as much as function throughout the years. At this year’s IFA Berlin, Samsung continued this trend with their Frame Gallery, a section dedicated to showcasing their latest hybrid display, The Frame, as a technological visual arts display device. Their latest efforts brings the pattern and palette of Dutch duo, Scholten & Baijings onto the screen.

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‘Minimal’ Artwork with Green Grey Aluminium frame © Scholten & Baijings 2017

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings’ characteristic affinity for color and the geometric are on full display across the trio of compositions created specifically for the Samsung art display. Memory brings up a strong semblance to their 2011 collaborative collection for HAY.

‘Colourful’ Artwork with Dusty Pink frame © Scholten & Baijings 2017

A vibrant color block and grid work theme digitally paint The Frame while in ‘art mode’. Titled ‘Minimal’, ‘Colourful’ and ‘Extraordinary’, each theme operates within the bounds of The Frame TV’s digital canvas.

The ‘Minimal’ series consists of compositions made up of lines and grids that create transparent fields of colour. The density of the grid determines how one experiences colour and gives the colour a more airy appearance than a monochromatic colour plane. The result is a layered and refined colour composition. 

The ‘Colourful’ series comprises compositions with fields of colour, in which contrasts play an important role. We wanted to cast a new light on the colour blocking theme by applying greater layering to the blocks of colour; as if they were not simply placed right next to each other, but partly superimposed. Sometimes the colours seem to float above or overlap each other. In other places they almost imperceptibly blend into one another, as if painted onto a canvas by a painter.

The ‘Extraordinary’ series is a combination of rich fields of colour, on which line and grid patterns have been superimposed. This creates an even more layered look and makes the colour composition deeper and more intense.

‘Extraordinary’ Artwork with Light Blue Lacquer frame © Scholten & Baijings 2017

French designer Inga Sempé’s art and bezel design for The Frame also debuted at IFA.

The Frame TV by Scholten & Baijings for Samsung was also accompanied by the playful styling of French designer Inga Sempé. No definitive word yet whether these design-forward customization options for The Frame’s bezel by Scholten & Baijings or Inga Sempé will see light beyond the halls of this year’s show.

Source: design-milk

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