Schrodinger's Cat Enamel Pin Set

Schrodinger’s Cat Enamel Pin Set

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Are you still trying to wrap your head around Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment and how it applied to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics?

The paradox of that poor hypothetical cat in a box. How did the cat get into the box? Did it willingly jump in there, and then the hypotherical pshycist slammed the lid closed? Sure cats love boxes, but every cat owner knows how hard it is to get an unwilling cat into a box. Ever try getting a cat into a pet carrier? Scary! 

How is that cute kitty both simulatneously alive and dead. Is the kitty a zombie cat? Does the hypothetical zombie kitty now have super powers from the radioactive material? Why hasn’t said super powered zombie cat had it’s own action movie made about him? Would super powered zombie cat be a villian or super hero?   

Why in the world does someone want to put a cat in a box with with a jar of radioactive stuff anyway?What kind of evil genius physicist does that. Soon your head is spinning. The questions about Schodinger’s Cat thought experiment go on and on.   

I’m no physcist, or quantum mechanics expert, but I can tell you that the Schrodinger’s Cat Enamel Pin Set is a drop dead fun way to liven up your warbrobe, backpack, or lanyard. 

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