Sci-Fi Showdown in the Crossword Puzzle

Last week’s Sunday crossword puzzle in the New York Times was called Sci-Fi Showdown. It contained plenty of answers that were references to the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars. The real kicker was the revealer clue, at 70-across. The puzzle isn’t playing any favorites, as both Star Trek and Star Wars works! The beauty in the scheme is how the down clues work: they had to fit, use either franchise in the answer- meaning they had to be only one letter different, had to be correct with the same clue, and also work with the words going across them.

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Trekkies, you’ll find TRAP, WRIST, PAYEES and LEAKED at 71-, 67-, 47- and 35-Down, making your crosses. Star Wars fans, you’ll get different entries that fit the same clues. “It’s a TRAP” can also be “it’s a WRAP”; a “body part that precedes ‘band’” can be a WRIST or a WAIST; “ones involved in a transaction” can be PAYEES or PAYERS; and “let out, in a way,” can be LEAKED or LEASED.

Whether you’re a fan or Star Trek or Star Wars, or both, or neither, and even if you don’t like crossword puzzles, this is pretty mind-blowing. Crossword constructor Stephen McCarthy gets the credit. If you aren’t subscribed to the New York Times, you can find the entire puzzle revealed here. Note the 21-letter answers for 3 and 17 down.  -via Boing Boing

Source: neatorama

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