Science Fiction and Cardboard Meet In Greg Olijnyk’s Creations

A samurai in full armor, holding a bow in his right hand and a spear in his left, stands on what seems to be the shoulder of a gigantic robot. In front of him is the gigantic robot’s head with one of its eyes gouged out.

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This cardboard sculpture by Greg Olijnyk is called “David vs G 2.0”. It is a retelling of the story of David and Goliath. And, to fit into his current series, Olijnyk retells the story with a sci-fi twist.

Fully articulate and outfitted with LED lights and glass where necessary, the extraordinarily detailed works are futuristic, slightly dystopic, and part of larger world-building narratives. The architectural constructions, for example, are “the start of a series of pieces exploring the fear, fascination, and curiosity aroused by the stranger in our midst. The weird presence out of place. The building of unknown purpose with no windows and with lights flickering at night,” he says. “What’s going on in there?”

Check out Olijnyk’s cardboard sculptures over at Colossal, and check out even more of them over at his Instagram account.

(Image Credit: Greg Olijnyk/ Colossal)

Source: neatorama

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