Scientist Attempts to Determine the Best Way to Cook Bacon

Jess Pryles is a graduate student in meat science at Iowa State University and the founder of Hardcore Carnivore, a company that produces meat seasonings. She developed those seasonings after careful, scientific experiments.

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Pryles is continuing that scientific rigor at the Test Kitchen and Sensory Evaluation Unit at Iowa State, which offers the controlled conditions that good scientific research requires. She’s now using these facilities to attempt to find the tastiest way to cook bacon. As she proceeds through the work, Pryles posts summaries on Twitter.

Folk wisdom holds that the optimal way to prepare crispy bacon is to add water to the pan while frying it.

Pryles’s results, though, don’t support this conclusion. There’s a lot of uncertainty because the culinary nature of bacon varies so widely from package to package. Pryles offers a hypothesis for further research: try baking the bacon in an oven.

-via David Burge

Source: neatorama

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