Scientists Did Not Reverse the Flow of Time

Reversing the flow of time is an impossible feat, and even if it were made possible, it would be an impractical one.

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On to the real matter at hand, scientists who were said to have "reversed time" with a quantum computer didn’t actually do so. If they did, wouldn’t we have all felt it? So what was all this hype about the "reversing time" experiment?

As Scott Aaronson, director of the Quantum Information Center at the University of Texas at Austin, says, “If you’re simulating a time-reversible process on your computer, then you can ‘reverse the direction of time’ by simply reversing the direction of your simulation. From a quick look at the paper, I confess that I didn’t understand how this becomes more profound if the simulation is being done on IBM’s quantum computer.”

(Image credit: Djim Loic/Unsplash)

Source: neatorama

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