Scientists Make Groundbreaking Study in Breast Movement While Women Run on Treadmills

Here at Neatorama, we seek to not only entertain our readers, but also inform them. The pursuit of scientific knowledge is a worthy goal for its own sake. Therefore let us pause from our usual fare of cat videos and oddly-cooked burritos to examine the dynamic field of biomechanics. Specifically, let’s look at how breasts move about while women run on treadmills.

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In a 2018 article in the Journal of Biomechanics, Elisa s. Arch and her colleagues noticed that previous studies of breast movement during athletic activity focused on the movement of the nipple. This is understandable, as the nipple is easy to track. But it is inadequate if one wished to examine the flow and sway of breasts in three dimensions. Their research required six women to run on treadmills wearing tracking bras, such as the one you see photographed above. As a result, the researchers noticed that larger breasts tended to move more than smaller breasts and that most motion did not occur at the nipples, but at other areas of the breasts.

But clearly, as Deidre E. McGhee and Julie R. Steele argue in their 2020 article “Breast Mechanics: What Do We Really Know?“, there is a great need for futher research and observation. Let the march of scientific progress continue.

Image: Human Kinetics

Source: neatorama

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