Scuci e RIcuci: How Fashion Design Gives New Life To Dresses and People

“Scuci e RIcuci” – literally “Unpick and Stitch up” – is a social project of internships for people in need in order to create exclusive pieces from old garments.

Fashion design can give new life to second-hand dresses, unpicking and stitching up in different forms and new models. The project “Scuci e RIcuci” was founded by Diapsi, a voluntary, non profit organization chaired by Lorena Chinaglia and that aims to support people suffering from mental health conditions and their families.

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However, Scuci e RIcuci is more than a simple project of second-hand dress collection. Its real aim is to start a rehabilitation program and encourage the re-employment of the people the association deals with. The idea was born from the imagination of a voluntary association DIAPSI, which, together with designer Antonella di Cosmo, fashion designer Yvonne Paiano and young dressmaker Andreae D’Amanzo, combining skills and desire to offer a real possibility for those who have experienced and experience hardship, have started the project.

In doing so, from shirt to skirt, from coat to trousers and so on. The only limit is the imagination and art of skilled hands that can undo and put together different pieces, creating new and exclusive models.

And while one combines different pieces in new shapes, it’s a bit like even the pieces of the sewer get back together and give way to a new beginning, a new existence.

The project has involved 8 interns and over 50 volunteers. The garments donated by the citizens were over 1000, from those ones, in six months of cutting and sewing and over three thousand hours of work, 150 new clothes were born.

Clothes are present at Brein show-room, Diapsi laboratory, within the Loggiato di San Pietro Martire in the Antico Ospedale Maggiore Sant’Andrea area (Via Dante Alighieri 93 in Vercelli, Italy). For more visit

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