Sculpted literature brings books to life

Jody Harvey is a dance teacher from the USA. She is also an artist, that with scissors, glue, imagination, and talent, will bring stories to life from the very pages they’re made from.
This is definitively not your regular scrap book!

Some avid readers may feel torn with this book sculptures, and just the thought of pages being cut makes me cringe, it sounds like a sacrilege, but she makes it worth it. Her gallery is definitely something worth exploring, maybe you’ll find your favorite book there! Check her DeviantArt and enjoy yourself.

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bilbo_baggins__book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d77e5bb chroma_the_great_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d6vmfqo minas_tirith_book_sculpture_1_by_wetcanvas-d6rh2dy opera_singer_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d74yw6l parisian_bridge_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d6pkp0k rose_the_dragon_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d74yu64 sailing_home_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d6s607s the_dark_tower_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d7djmx7 the_mad_hatter_s_tea_party_book_sculpture_by_wetcanvas-d6s5pqithe_three_fates_by_wetcanvas-d9spizn


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