Sea Lion Swims in Hotel's Pool Then Steals a Man's Deck Chair to Sunbathe

This sea lion named Wendy sure acts like she owns the joint. First she waddles into a luxury hotel’s pool, swims a bit, then kicks a man out of his very own deck chair to do a little sunbathing!

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Early in Nike’s history, the company was in a fight for its life against a crushingly large tariff assessment. So what’s a scrappy little sneaker company to do? Phil Knight revealed the story of how Nike actually produced its own counterfeit Nike shoes called The One Line to fight the US government … and won!

“A Young Boy Running at Midnight” is a touching story of a journalist who came across a teen running at midnight, after he got off work at a local McDonald’s in the northern Indian city of Noida near New Delhi. But why did the young man run? You’ll never guess the reason.

This biblically accurate Clippy is an angelic Microsoft Office Assistant drawn by illustrator Evangeline Gallagher.

Clippy with many eyes didn’t scare you? This Furby wrapped Xbox video game controller will.

Thousand-year-old conical vessels dug up in Jerusalem turned out to be ancient hand grenades used against the Crusaders and perhaps also against the Rabbit of Caerbannog.

Usually, when you need to reach something a bit too high and all you’ve got is a chair, well, you stand on the chair like it’s a stepladder. Apparently that inspired the creation of this artful Stepladder Chair: it transforms from a regular kitchen chair into a three-step staircase though at $1,800 a piece, you could presumably buy a chair and an actual stepladder instead, or simply hire a butler to do your bidding.

Concert at the cemetery is a touching event by the Last Words Legacy Project to help people heal.

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Why aren’t they wearing capes? Looks like anyone can be a Bat in the Hat in Mana-hatta! This funny What We Do in the Shadows-inspired t-shirt design is by indie artist Nemons.

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