Second Shepherd’s Play at The Cloisters, 1954

A performance of the “Second Shepherd’s Play” at The Cloisters museum and gardens, a medieval mystery play presenting a curious mixture of low folk comedy and medieval Christianity.

The play is actually two separate stories presented sequentially. The first is a non-biblical story about a thief who steals a sheep from three shepherds. He and his wife attempt to deceive the shepherds by pretending the sheep is their son. The shepherds are fooled at first; however, they later discover the deception. At this point, the storyline switches to the familiar one of the three shepherds learning of the birth of Christ by an angel, and being told to go to Bethlehem, where they offer gifts to the Christ child.

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Kinescope of one segment of a program which appeared on the television cultural-anthology series Omnibus on December 19, 1954, originating from The Cloisters museum and gardens. Hosted by Alastair Cooke.

Recorded 1954

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Year: 1954
Running time: 12 minutes
Color: B&W
Sound silent: SD
Audience: H C A
Format: 16mm
Series title: Omnibus
Director: Tad Danielewski, Seymour Robbie
Producer: Robert Saudek
Producing agency: CBS for Omnibus series; TV-Radio Workshop of the Ford Foundation
Genre: Performance
Writer: John Gassner, Ed Jurist
Language: English
Country: United States
Cast: Wood Romoff, Bramwell Fletcher, Earl Montgomery, Adnia Rice
Original medium: 16mm
Additional credits: Adapted by John Gassner
Executive producer: Robert Saudek
Suggested use: Entertainment
Sponsor: Ford Foundation

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