Self-Driving Einride Truck Also Offers a Remote Driver Workstation

Einride, the Swedish tech company that’s developed an autonomous cargo vehicle, has also created an attendant Remote Interface that “can be taken apart and flatpacked in no time.” It’s essentially a pop-up workstation that can be located wherever your driver is, independent of the truck, and it allows the driver to control the vehicle (presumably in challenging situations, or if the autonomous system goes on the fritz).

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The company claims the system has been ergonomically designed, and that its “cocoon shape helps the remote operator to maintain focus while they are working.” To me, it just looks like a height-adjustable desk with three monitors and a minimum of shielding:

While there is a blackout surface behind the monitors, I’d think a rear curtain behind the operator, to block glare, would also be desirable; I’ll be surprised if they don’t add something like that in future.

It would be fun to see these guys team up with the companies making those gaming beds for kids.

Source: core77

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