Settling Internet Arguments

Is a hotdog a sandwich? How would a dog wear pants? Could Jack have fit on that door? People online will argue about the big things and the little things. Some of these arguments return again and again, and it’s time we settled them. Neal Agarwal (previously at Neatorama) put up a page called Let’s Settle This. It currently has 22 of the arguments you’ve heard on the ‘net, and you have a chance to vote on each and then see how your opinion holds up against everyone else’s. Yeah, there’s a problem there. Just because the majority of people say something is so doesn’t mean it is so. But then again, these aren’t questions that will make or break your life. As silly as they are, people will continue to argue over these questions. But at least here you can register your opinion without getting trolled in reply. -via Kottke 

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Source: neatorama

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