Sexier Than Sexy

Do you know what’s sexier than the photos you see in fashion magazines? It’s a clean house. That’s right. A clean and organized house is much sexier than anything else, and this man is promoting that kind of sexy on social media.

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Meet Corey Peters, a dad from Rehobeth, Alabama, who has decided to share his insights on what “sexy” means when you’re a family man.

No, it’s not about striking sexy poses for pics with fancy Instagram filters in exotic locations with a kid in your arms. It’s actually as simple as cleaning the house and showing a positive example as a husband who helps out around the house as well as a dad who’s showing what a clean and tidy home ought to look like. When you think about it, it brings a whole new meaning to “talk dirty to me”.


“After being with a woman for 7 years, I promise you there ain’t nothing sexier than sending her some [hot flame emoji] pics like this…”

Now that’s hot.

See the photos over at Bored Panda.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: Corey Peters/ Bored Panda)

Source: neatorama

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