SF-SO’s Touching Radio Interface Taps Into the Tactile

SF-SO’s Touching Radio Interface Taps Into the Tactile

Are you someone who hates an overabundance of controls and features when it comes to your technology? SF-SO’s take on the common radio forgoes the temptation of excess. Except for a reintroduction of a tactile experience and a playfully intuitive relationship between form and function, the Tamed Digital Product Project distills the core functions back to the basics while turning the volume up on fun.

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The three-design collection includes a Cone Bluetooth Speaker and Wheel Digital Radio. But it’s SF-SO’s Ball Internet Radio – with a trio of three colorful magnetic balls as its primary control interface – that tickles the imagination.

Each ball acts as a button, changing radio reception according to its position when rolled or lifted from the surface top. The tempting desire to touch each piece taps into the childhood memory of playing with marbles or similar toys, making this radio control intuitive by touch.

Source: design-milk

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