Sharkcano: An Erupting Volcano Full of Sharks

An active volcano with sharks inside seems like the premise for a SyFy movie, doesn’t It? And we’ve made fun of suchmoviesmanytimes. But this story is real, and NASA and marine biologists have evidence. The Kavachi Volcano is an active, completely underwater volcano near the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. By “active,” we mean it erupts quite often since its discovery in 1939. Large eruptions occurred in 2000, 2007, and 2014, with smaller eruptions in between. If it’s on a seven-year schedule, there’s no surprise in Kavachi erupting on May 14, 2022. NASA’s Landsat 9 satellite captured images of the underwater plume

Meanwhile, life has been thriving inside Kavachi’s volcanic crater. Sulphur-loving microbes that seek hot water have been observed, and sharks, too! Both hammerhead sharks and silky sharks have been seen living in the crater since 2015, and there are pictures. When bait was lowered into the crater, sharks swam up from the depths of the active crater to retrieve it. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be too hot and acidic for them to live in? What the sharks know is that there are other tasty species of fish also living in the crater.

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Unfortunately, we have no reports actually showing the sharks being ejected from the volcano during the latest eruption, or whether they survived. The SYFY version will probably show it in detail.  

By the way, there is already a movie called Sharkcano, but since it was a National Geographic documentary shown on Disney+, it wasn’t all that heavily promoted. We can assume there were no sharks shown ejecting from an exploding mountain.

Source: neatorama

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