Sharknappers Stole A Shark And Wheeled It Out In A Baby Stroller

Three people snatched a shark from San Antonio Aquarium and wheeled it out in a baby stroller. Police officers initially refused to believe the initial 911 call concerning the ‘sharknapping’, but was convinced that the incident was real later on. The shark is alive and on its way back to aquarium, and one suspect is in custody, as NBC News detailed: 

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Security video released Monday shows the sharknappers strolling through the aquarium’s hallway pushing the baby carriage along on Saturday before they drove off with the 16-inch shark in a red pickup truck.

The aquarium said the thieves brought their own net with them to snag the shark from an interactive “touch pool” at the tide pool exhibit while an attendant was assisting other visitors.

They then ducked into a filter room and emptied out a bleach bucket, into which they deposited the shark, the aquarium said. They used the bucket to transfer the shark into the stroller and “hurried up the stairs and out to the parking lot,” it said.

The aquarium said managers raced to the parking lot and caught up with the suspects — who denied access to both the vehicle and the stroller.

image via NBC News

Source: neatorama

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