Sharks Like … Jazz Music?

Who knew that sharks, the feared predators of the ocean, are actually quite sophisticated? Strangely enough, classical music is not their cup of tea – instead, they like jazz:

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Scientists at Australia’s Macquarie University Fish Lab have found that the fish are able to associate music with food rewards – and jazz is more their bag than classical.

They found the sharks learned to go to a feeding station far better when played jazz music than other kinds of songs.

"Sound is really important for aquatic animals; it travels well under water and fish use it to find food, hiding places and even to communicate," said the study’s lead author, Catarina Vila-Pouca, from the university’s department of biological sciences.

So how does the great white shark’s music preference concern mankind? Read all about it here.

Image credit: Mark Norman/Museum Victoria/Wikipedia

Source: neatorama

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