‘Sharpen This’ – Spade Bits & Augers

We’ve just added a new chapter – “Sharpen Spade Bits & Augers” to the “Sharpen This” video, and sent notification to past subscribers that’s it’s available.

The original 2-1/2-hour-long video covers:
• Bench planes (jack, jointer, smoother)
• Block planes
• Bench chisels
• Mortise chisels
• Swan-neck chisels
• Router plane
• Card scrapers
• Travishers
• Moulding planes

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Updates thus far include how to sharpen scorps, marking knives, the No. 49 plane and bench knives, and now spade bits and augers. We periodically add more updates when I’ve sufficiently nagged Chris enough on a given topic. (We plan to cover Spokeshaves, Gunstock Scrapers and Chair Devils, Dividers, Awls and planing stops in upcoming videos – among other tools directly related to our work.)

In the original video and the updates, Christopher Schwarz does his best to cut through the BS and show you how to quickly and effectively sharpen your tools so you can get back to the fun part: making them dull.

Those who have already bought the video get all the updates; those who buy it now and in the future will get everything available at the time of purchase, as well as all new “Sharpen This: The Video” content.


Source: lostartpress.com

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