Shatterproof, Silicone LED Light Bulbs

The Incredibulb is an A19 LED light with a bulb made of silicone. It’s flexible and can’t shatter, making it ideal for workshops, garages, basements or anyplace where you might accidentally slam into the fixture with a ladder or long part. I could’ve used these in the photo studio I used to run, where more than one careless grip shattered an overhead bulb while setting up a boom arm or similar.

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The bulbs come in 2700K and 5500K but nothing in between, so it’s either warm yellow or super white. They offer a 5W (40-watt equivalent) or 7W (60-watt equivalent).

The only thing that might give you pause is the price: The 5Ws are $5 apiece, the 7Ws run $6. At the big box stores you can get a 12-pack of 60-watt equivalent LED A19s for $10, or less than a buck a bulb.

Source: core77

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