“She Looked Like A Moron”: Person Gets Petty Revenge On Coworker Who Refuses To Share Her Desk

Depending on how you feel about your colleagues, heading into the office each morning can make you excited to see your friends or cause you to dread the inevitable uncomfortable moments that await you. If you have a great rapport with your coworkers, you might look forward to spending time chatting at the coffee machine or taking walks during lunch. And if you don’t, well, you can always find other ways to keep yourself occupied during the work day. 

One Reddit user recently detailed how they got petty revenge on a colleague for being territorial about her desk. Below, you’ll find the full story, as well as some of the replies amused readers shared.

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This company enacted a shared desk policy in the office

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But when one woman refused to be a team player, this employee decided to teach her a lesson

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Hybrid work models have become extremely popular in recent years

Since the pandemic began, more and more companies have adopted fully remote or hybrid styles of working. And while this isn’t necessarily a requirement today, with the pandemic winding down, many businesses around the world have chosen to keep at least some work from home days for their employees. According to Apollo Technical, 63% of high-growth companies currently have a hybrid work model.

At the same time, two thirds of companies with negative or no growth refuse to accept a hybrid model and offer only onsite or fully remote work. However, employees report that they prefer hybrid work models 83% of the time. Gen Z in particular really values having relationships with colleagues in person, as 74% of this generation wants to head into the office for at least some of the week.

Two thirds of Americans believe that being able to work remotely and in the office is the perfect work model, and 87% of employees prefer to be home at least one day a week. And when it comes to the benefits of having a hybrid work model, Zoho reports that it increases productivity and efficiency, reduces operating costs for companies, improves work-life balance and maintains workers’ health and safety.

Many companies expect hybrid employees to share desks to cut costs

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But as with any form or working, a hybrid model can have some downsides as well. It might make it challenging for employees to build relationships with one another, which can cause them to feel less connected to the company. Communication and workflow can also become interrupted more easily without having many conversations in person. And while bosses often worry that employees aren’t doing enough while they’re at home, it’s also possible that they’re doing too much

It can be difficult to shut off your laptop at 5pm when you’re already sitting at home. You might think, “Oh, I’ll just check my work email real quick,” at 8pm too. It’s important for workers to set boundaries around working hours to ensure they don’t burnout. Companies can also have a difficult time building a company culture when everyone isn’t in the same place at the same time. And, as we’ve seen in this story, tension can arise between employees when they are in the office. 

The idea of having employees share desks probably sounds brilliant for CEOs. Less office space to pay for and less materials to purchase? Sounds perfect! In fact, even Google has asked workers to share desks due to downsizing. But the reality of this situation can become very frustrating for employees. Desk sharing means that workers can’t customize their space at all. They’re forced to leave it lifeless and bland, without any personal touches, which can be demotivating.

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Workers often prefer to have desks of their own to add personal touches and not have to worry about colleagues’ cleanliness

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Shared desks might also waste time every morning, as workers have to come in and set up their computers and supplies every single day. You can’t simply show up, press a button and go. And of course, issues might arise between colleagues who have disagreements over cleanliness and hygiene. I certainly wouldn’t be thrilled to find crumbs on my keyboard, fingerprints on the screen of my monitor or coffee spilled on my mouse pad.

Employees might find themselves more distracted at work too, when they’re frequently sitting in a new spot or by a new person. You might notice one day that a certain chair just isn’t as comfortable as the one you sat in yesterday, or the window you’re next to might cause you to be blinded by the sun between 11am to noon. And if you have to find a colleague, you might not know exactly where they are on that particular day. As boring as consistency is, it can make us feel comfortable and at home. And it’s a lot easier to get your work done when you feel at ease.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this situation in the comments below, pandas. Have you ever had to share a desk at work? Do you think you would mind? Feel free to share your reactions, and then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing petty revenge in the workplace, look no further than right here!

Amused readers applauded the worker for their petty revenge

Some even shared clever ideas of their own for future revenge

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