“She’s Being Inappropriate”: Gay Man Clears His Name After Woman Accuses Him Of Being A Perv

A Target employee saw himself involved in a scandal, facing allegations of inappropriate behavior with a customer while on duty.

The customer in question had secretly filmed Mitchell, staging a situation where he allegedly checked her out while she was bending over and blasting him online for it.

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Mitchell, who goes by @mitchelliguesss on TikTok, responded by sharing a video in an attempt to clear his name.

As the Target worker explained, it was the woman who had displayed inappropriate behavior towards him.

“So, a couple of months ago, I was at work, doing my job — you know, giving out excellent customer service per me — and this girl walks up,” Mitchell recalled in his video, captioned, “I love being sexually harassed at work.”

A Target employee was accused of inappropriate behavior after he was recorded allegedly checking a customer out

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“The way she’s talking is very [different]. She’s being very inappropriate with me… just makes me uncomfortable.”

Despite this, Mitchell said that he decided to “just try to do [his] job” and help the woman find the product she wanted. 

Suddenly, the woman bent down to point at something.

“Her bottom of her dress is cut. I just see her entire f****** ass,” the Target employee said, explaining his shocked reaction captured in the video.

Then, Mitchell shared that the customer wasn’t his type at all.

“I am gay. Wrong tree in the wrong neighborhood. Wrong f****** area code. Like no, no thank you,” he said.

Mitchell cleared his name online, sharing that he’s gay and he had looked at the woman because her backside was exposed

Image credits: mitchelliguesss

Mitchell said that, months later, he was approached by a customer who told him he looked familiar.

At that moment, Mitchell discovered that the woman had shared the video she took of him online.

“She put this sh** on Onlyfans, and I freaked the f*** out. This potentially could be recognized in this video that makes me look like a pervert for the rest of my life.”

The customer fired back at Mitchell, stating he was “pissed about nothing” and should “take the free clout,” referring to the millions of views he received after he shared his side of the story.

“You came into my job and harassed me, okay? You ain’t [going to] sit here and tell me how I am and I’m not [going to] f****** feel about what you did,” Mitchell responded in a subsequent video.

“I am still trying to speak out against what you did because you are normalizing it, and it is not okay.”

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Watch Mitchell’s video below

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The customer fired back at Mitchell, stating he was “pissed about nothing” and should “take the free clout”

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The customer service worker, who resides in Georgia, explained to his followers why he couldn’t sue the woman.

“Georgia is a one consent state when it comes to recording and documentation.”

“Basically, I have no legal recourse, at least not state. I don’t know about federal,” Mitchell expressed, asking “anyone who is knowledgeable in law and pro bono” to message him with advice.

One-party consent states are states that have adopted one-party consent laws, where only one person involved in a conversation needs to give consent for the recording to be legal. 

People voiced their opinions regarding the incident in the comments, writing, “I’m sorry you’re going through this. People are constantly recording EVERYTHING to have something to put online. It’s way out of control.”

“That is such a violation. I’m sorry that happened to you, and I hope you’re able to get justice,” somebody else said,

“I am so sorry this happened to you, Mitchell. I hope you sue her. You didn’t deserve this at all. She really should be ashamed of herself,” a third TikTok user agreed.

“SUUEEEE her please start a go fund me if you need money to do it,” a separate user suggested.

Another individual commented, “I’m just so confused as to how the person who literally posted a stranger without permission in her OF is getting upset. Like????”

“Get a lawyer and sue,” someone advised Mitchell

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