Shipping Now: ‘The Stick Chair Journal’ & ‘The Belligerent Finisher’

We have two new titles for sale today: “The Belligerent Finisher” by John Porritt and The Stick Chair Journal No. 1 . Both are available for immediate shipment.

The Belligerent Finisher” is a hands-on, no-secrets finishing book that details how John Porritt adds years of age and patina to a piece. John is a life-long furniture restorer and chairmaker in Upstate New York. In his book he shows the simple processes and common chemicals he uses to make beautiful, tactile surfaces.

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In my 24 years of working with woodworking authors, I have never met anyone as generous as John is with finishing information. Most professional finishers and restorers keep their techniques to themselves.

We are thrilled to offer this book – our first title devoted to finishing. 

The Stick Chair Journal No. 1 is a personal project. After 10 years of being out of the magazine business, I realized that I missed it. The Journal is the publication that I wished existed when I first became interested in chairmaking. It’s about techniques, tools and what we call “big thoughts” related to chairmaking. And there is a complete plan for a chair that you can build and even sell if you like.

Plus no ads. No “advertorials.” No sponsored “stories” masquerading as editorial.

Even the way we print the Journal is unlike any magazine I know of. Many magazines are bound by staples, called “saddle stitching”. Others are sheets of paper that are glued at the spine, called “perfect binding.” Both methods make an object that I consider temporary.

We print the Journal in signatures. Then sew and glue them together – just like our books.

The Journal is an annual publication – I’m already deep into working on issue No. 2.

Another difference: When you buy the printed Journal, you also get the pdf for free. Plus a download of the full-size patterns for the chair featured in that issue.

One last detail: We have printed 4,000 and will not reprint the issue. Once the printed copies are gone, they are gone for good. We are making this available to all our retailers worldwide. But it is up to them as to whether they carry it.

Diving back into the world of periodicals might be a financial mistake – but it makes me endlessly happy. So let’s see what happens.

— Christopher Schwarz


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