Shipping Update (it’s Not Great News)

Our Indiana warehouse is running behind in fulfilling orders because of the holidays and staff reductions because of the pandemic.

While we usually ship out orders within 48 hours, it’s taking longer these days. So if you placed an order in the last two weeks and are wondering where your stuff is, it’s probably working its way through the warehouse system.

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Our warehouse isn’t a giant automated operation, like Amazon. It’s a family-run business that started out by selling wall calendars. Our books are fulfilled by a small team that knows our products inside and out. They make few mistakes compared to every outfit we’ve worked with since 2007. And I know they’ll pull through this challenge. 

So thanks in advance for your patience with us. If you do think your order has been lost (or some other problem has occurred) the best place to get assistance is [email protected]. Messaging us on social media or in the blog’s comments will delay us in helping you because I don’t have access to our ordering system.

— Christopher Schwarz


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